Name and slogan: Mevens - Data, Stats, Maths
A modern-age mathematical and statistical consulting service

We are

Curiosity is what makes Mevens work

Our consulting starts from the point of understanding how the things around us behave — be that through mathematical modelling of observed phenomena or analysing data — and ends with well rounded, accessible, science communication insights.
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An Intersectional Methodology

By combining a range of unique skills and creativity, we aim to create bespoke solutions specifically tailored to our clients. We believe solutions lie in the intersections between fields — that’s why we’ve assembled a team with diverse skills.
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You can trust we know what we are doing

Mevens is founded on specialised skills: our team members have masters degrees in statistics, data science, applied mathematics and theoretical physics.
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You've got data? We've got you covered

We understand that running a business requires a hands-on approach. However, sometimes we all get a little too busy. Data collected or generated by a business often goes under-utilised. We’re here to help!
Concerned about efficiency, scalability, sales forecasting?
Through consultation with our clients, we come to create solutions that amplify the impact their data can have. Our solutions are designed for immediate implementation and are accompanied clear, accessible business insights.
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No maths is too tricky for us

Want to bet? We love troublesome, tricksy puzzles that we can sink our teeth into. We can optimise, simulate, and mathematically model all kinds of problems — all with the aim of maximising our client's efficiency.


We understand that every business is unique

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